Nagomi Ya Senior Living
Minnesota Japanese Assisted Living Facility

Nagomi, Inc. provides Minnesota homemakers and companions for seniors and others in the Twin Cities. Our team assists clients by performing basic household chores and promoting a clean, safe, and comfortable home environment.

Our homemaker services may include performing home chores such as:

·  Helping with personal errands

·  Washing dishes and putting them away

·  Cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting

·  Changing linens and making beds

·  Doing laundry and ironing

·  Cleaning stoves, microwaves and refrigerators

·  Organizing closets and drawers

·  Emptying the trash

·  Grocery shopping

·  Assisting with pet care

·  Watering and caring for houseplants

·  Planning meals, shopping for ingredients and preparing future meals

Our companion services may include performing duties such as:

· Visiting with the client

·  Responding to the client's requests

·  Helping with correspondence

·  Participating in activities the client enjoys, including community events, games and cards, hobbies and entertainment

·  Reading to the client

·  Renting and playing movies

·  Accompanying the client to religious services

·  Visiting neighbors, friends and relatives

·  Planning outings and accompanying the client to shopping centers, sporting events, club events, plays, concerts, movies and restaurants

·  Monitoring the client's diet and eating

·  Checking foods in the home for expiration dates

·  Helping the client keep a calendar

·  Arranging appointments and providing appointment reminders

·  Organizing the client's mail, paying bills, and mailing bills and letters

·  Organizing closets

·  Answering the door, overseeing home deliveries and supervising home maintenance

·  Assisting with wake-up and nighttime routines*

Nagomi, Inc. homemakers and companions for seniors and others have great patience, empathy and understanding. 

Before we hire homemakers and companions, we perform rigorous background checks to guarantee our client's safety. 

Your well-being and comfort with Minneapolis homemakers and companions who come to your home are paramount to Nagomi, Inc.

 We value your feedback about the job our staff members perform for you. We want to recognize excellence in Minneapolis/St. Paul home care services and make changes to improve your satisfaction when necessary.

*Our staffs who provide homemaker and companion services for seniors are accustomed to working in any home environment. 

Minnesota homemakers and companions work with your schedule to provide services at a time of day best suited to you.

Various insurances often pay for homemaker services in Minnesota. Alternatively, clients and their family members may opt for private pay homemaker or companion services in Minneapolis / St. Paul.